Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is a Brazilian city which is also the political capital of Bahia. The city spread over an area of 696 km2 proves that success has nothing to do with size. Although the city is geographically the smallest city in the central part of the continent but this fact couldn't restrict the place from becoming the third largest economy in the Central America. 


The city of Salvador experiences a tropical savannah climate with relatively constant temperature throughout the year. There isn't much difference between the average temperature during the summers (28.2°C) and the winters (22.7°C). 

People, Ethnicities and Religions 

A total population of 2,953,986 people in Salvador consists of more females than males. The population can be divided into various ethnicities and religions like Pardo, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Amerindians, Catholics, Protestants, Atheists, Spiritists, Umbanda, Candomblé, and Jewish. 


The majority of the city's population speaks and understands the Spanish language very well. 

For the Shopaholics

  • Salvador Shopping: This mall is spacious, clean and safe. It has many stores selling quality stuff at reasonable prices for all people. A great food court and a convenient parking space make this place even more fun to visit. 

  • Shopping Barra: The multi-storey shopping centre is very much accessible from various hotels in the city. It has ample of stores selling luxurious, expensive and branded stuff. 

Major Attractions 

  • Pelourinho: This old part of Salvador with many colourful buildings reflects the Brazilian history is a beautiful way. The place has traditional Churches, restaurants and old art and craft shops to visit. 

  • Sao Francisco Church and Convent: The interior of the church adorned with gold, precious stones, Portuguese tiles and detailed carvings give you an unforgettable experience of spectacular architecture. 

  • Ilha dos Frades: This beach is beautiful enough to spend a day of your life there. The boats or the motor boats here make no noise and neither pollutes the water.