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Everyone has heard that Rio de Janeiro could be the biggest carnival in the world, but the Carnival of Salvador is responsible for the biggest street festival in the world. Salvador is aware of the importance of tourism to the economy of the city, so it is normally closely guarded. Although not too well known outside Brazil, Carnival Salvador is a well-kept secret, the reason you probably have never heard of it.

If you visit the famous carnival of Salvador de Bahia, you can stroll through the historic streets of the colonial era, enjoy 50 km of pristine beaches, practice water sports such as beach soccer and forget the activity. In the upper and lower cities there are also some interesting museums that are worth visiting, including the National Museum of Anthropology and History, the Museu de Santo Domingos de Salvador and the Universidade de Sao Paulo.

Xinxim Galinha will not make you eat at least once here in Brazil, but he will be the top five things you can eat in Salvador de Bahia. What are some of the places you will visit on your next trip to Brazil?

Perhaps it is also the unique Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador that makes Salvador seem so mightily unique. Candomble defines the raw, uninhibited sensuality of Brazilians that can be found throughout the country, even though it is most passionately practiced in Salvador.

The Salvador Carnival is held on the first Saturday in August in the city of Salvador, Brazil, and differs from the Rio Carnival in that the spectacular, formal parade is the image of the Rio Carnival for all. While the focus is not just on samba style, the Salvador Carnival is a much more democratic affair, focusing on huge street parties. The audience can participate in all the actions and become part of this show, but it is also a focus for the whole city and its inhabitants.

This also means that there are no expensive carnival tickets to buy, which makes it much more affordable than the Rio Carnival. If you want to visit Salvador, Brazil, you will find your trip to be entertaining, fun and full of wonderful memories. If you are on a tight budget or have never been to Brazil, I would recommend the Carnival in Janeiro as a good alternative if you have to.

If you are from Bahia, you will probably find your way to Salvador at some point, and visiting Senora Ivone must be at the top of your list. The best Brazil tour guides in Salvador, the Guias de Salvador, will show you many attractions and activities if you want to explore on your own, but you can also find a way by learning a little about the historical areas of Salvador. Accommodation for Salvador de Bahias should not be a worry if you decide to visit the Carnival, as the area has plenty of accommodations and a good number of hotels and restaurants available.

This is a unique place in the world and it is blooming on literally every street corner in the city. There is nowhere else where you can eat as much as in Salvador, so start your own street food tour in Salvador.

Salvador is literally surrounded by beaches and is home to many historical monuments from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage, and it is a legacy left by people from other continents. Enjoy your Brazil vacation with a trip to Salvador, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a great place to travel.

Musically speaking, the Bahia Carnival is one of the most popular carnival events in the world and also the largest in Brazil. Salvador Carnival is a street festival like the locals in Rio, much more touristy and offers lots of music, dancing, food, entertainment and of course carnival games. All these wonderful things have their roots in Salvador, but my favorite is the incredible Afro-Brazilian food and Brazilian culture.

If the Rio Carnival Samba Parade is not your thing and you want a wilder carnival celebration, head to Salvador and join the biggest street party in the world. Unlike in Rio, these parties are not commercialized so that Salvador can bring in artists of great names and thus charge a hefty fee for a carnival party, but are organized in the same way as the Bahia Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with lots of fun and entertainment.

Salvador is one of the places in Brazil that you should definitely visit, not only for the food, but also for all the other things. In Brazil, the city is known for its restaurants, some of which are found in Salvador and considered the best in the world.

Salvador is considered the birthplace of Brazilian culture, and the resulting culture outshines the rest of Brazil in many ways. Today, this heritage has remained in Salvador with its large Afro-Brazilian population, and we were recently fortunate enough to attend the annual Black Music Festival and were treated to amazing music from the likes of D'Angelo, the Black Panther Party and many others.

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