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SIX (Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom) is planning to build the world's first high-end hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in cooperation with a bank. Olympic system to be outsourced to SwissCom and built on the site of the former Olympic Park in Rio Grande do Sul. It will have several dimensions, including a restaurant, hotel, office building and shopping centre, as well as a public park.

The Fairmont is the first of its managed hotels in the United States to open. The lifestyle category will be one of Accor's most dynamic segments in the coming years, with the number of lifestyle hotels set to triple by 2023. This year, the starting signal was given for the construction of a new luxury hotel in New York City, the world's largest hotel chain.

The property will feature a vibrant design, with a mix of modern, contemporary and modernist elements such as a glass and steel façade, leopard print carpets and the use of natural light and natural materials.

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The logo, which takes on its motif as a symbol of infinity, symbolizes the athletes taking part in the Esports World Championship. The colors and symbols represent the three main elements of the game: the player, his team and the world of sports.

The current status of the logo is outdated, i.e. it is no longer used by the company. The logo with the font Frutiger was introduced in 2000, when PTT separated from the telecommunications company, which soon became Swisscom. In 2000, when the Tainui tribe owned the Auckland Warriors, it was modified to judge the tongue (tiki) because Maori culture believed that the curved tongue was cursed and represented a physical weakness.

In 2007, Swisscom decided to discontinue infranet (independent transmission system) and replace it with the INFRANET (IP Digital Transmission) system, which uses an existing IP network for increased security. Swiss com used an independent Infronet transmission system until the end of 2012, but has since been using a hybrid system with high security and speed.

As a subtenant of Thomson Reuters, we are now ideally positioned to offer key solutions in the areas of data protection, security, data protection and data security together with our strategic partners. Accor's development capabilities and organisational model allow the Group to focus on providing support and services to its owners, developers and partners. As 2020 is a year of unprecedented challenges, not the last in the travel and hospitality industry, Accors has maintained its steady pace of development and continued to sign new projects, leading to the development of the world's largest hotel chain with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts. This puts the company in a solid position to meet the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

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More About Salvador