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Salvador is a must-see destination with its stunning natural scenery, and we've brought together 7 of the best beaches in Salvador, Brazil to prove that it's the place to be - to be known.

Before we delve into this list, we should take a moment to appreciate the former capital of Brazil. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil until Rio de Janeiro seized it in 1763. In Portuguese it is called Salvador Bahia (or Salvador - Bahianas) or as the Portuguese called it: El Salvador.

Salvador is also known for many historical monuments from the 17th and 18th centuries. Salvador is one of the most popular destinations in Brazil to enjoy during your Brazil vacation. It offers a variety of attractions including museums, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, art galleries and much more.

Together with this rich culture, Salvador is one of the most popular destinations in Brazil for tourists from all over the world.

Salvador offers some of the best restaurants and drinks in the country, as well as a wide range of activities to enjoy. If you are travelling to Brazil and have some time on your trip, you should not miss this place. Xinxim Galinha may not top the list of the top five things to eat in Salvador, but it's definitely something to eat at least once here in Brazil. What are some places you need to visit before your next trip to Brazil, and what is your favorite place to visit in the coming weeks or months?

The pristine beaches attract chain hotels with very luxurious accommodation, making it one of the most popular destinations in the country. A visit to Bahia, like Salvador, is a great opportunity to stock up on some of Brazil's best hotels, as well as a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

Salvador is also a port that has become a popular holiday destination for Brazilians. Many consider Salvador to be Brazil's most gay-friendly city and claim it is the best beach in Brazil - so the 2-hour drive to Salvador is worth it.

There are no limits to the beautiful places in Salvador, and one of these places is the beach. In addition to relaxation and water sports, Porto da Barra beach is also home to many activities that make it the most popular destination in Salvador.

The food in Salvador is divine, one of the best you can taste in Brazil, and it is blooming on literally every street corner of the city. If you visit Brazil to eat, there is nowhere else like Salvador And this is a unique place in the world. With its vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture, bebe is the only place guaranteed to enrich the entire "Brazilian" experience.

Brazil is a beautiful country and I love every moment of every corner, but I have to admit that Salvador de Bahia stole my heart. So these are the five things you'll love or hate when you visit Brazil. First of all, you should definitely visit lively Rio de Janeiro and experience the charm of the Salvadorde Bahianas. It's also one of the most expensive trips I've ever taken, so my time in Rio de Janeiro was actually way too short.

As you pass through the tourist areas, you notice that Salvador is literally surrounded by favelas. Most other parts of Brazil make fun of Bahia because it is a bit slower than anywhere else.

If you want to know what Salvador looked like in its heyday, you can visit the Igreja de Sao Francisco. Head out through the favelas to learn a little about the historic areas of Salvador. This is probably a great place to not only learn about Bahia's history, but also to get a glimpse of the wonderful diversity that the state itself has added to the great country of Brazil.

If you are from Bahia, you will probably find your way to Salvador at some point, and visiting Senora Ivone must be at the top of your list. The best Brazil tour guides in Salvador will show you many attractions and activities if you want to explore the city and its surroundings safely with the locals.

If you have explored Pelourinho, we recommend you visit the Mafro Museum of Afro-Brazilian Culture to learn about the various influences that have shaped the area of Salvador de Bahia. We have a list of activities in Salvador where we want you to spend the best moments of your trip. To take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the sights and sounds, including the city's most popular tourist attractions such as Senora Ivone, join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Temperatures in Salvador de Bahia are warm most of the year, but after a day in Salvador you can visit the most popular tourist attractions of the city, such as Senora Ivone, the most famous tourist attraction in the country.

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